RETINA-AI Health Inc. Partners with Google Cloud Program for Startups

Houston TX, (December, 2018). RETINA-AI Health Inc. has entered a partnership with Google Cloud Program for startups. In effect, RETINA-AI Health, a startup using AI to revolutionize healthcare, now has access to all the computing resources it needs to execute its near term goals. The company is also delighted to be in collaborative proximity to some of the bright minds Google has been able to recruit over the years.

“We’re thankful for the partnership, and we are looking forward to working with Google in a mutually beneficial way. We have the cross-domain expertise in Healthcare and Tech. And being a startup, we have innovative nimbleness; while Google being a large established company has means, computational resources, and a large team,” says Dr. Stephen G. Odaibo, RETINA-AI Health’s CEO, Founder, and Chairman of the Board.